Digital Media Consultant / Digital Content Producer

Jim WaitzmanJim Waitzman – E-Marketing Coordinator at Cruise Planners

“Danielle made an assessment of the social media platforms that Cruise Planners-

CTWV was using in December of 2014. She tailored a plan that strengthened our presence in Facebook and Twitter and implemented blogs (Tumblr and Word Press) as well as YouTube. Further, Danielle established guidelines that stressed the importance of daily, weekly and monthly tasks that needed to be followed in order to keep up with our new momentum and to continue growth.”

Jim was Danielle’s client

Don NapoleonDon Napoleon – Award Winning Video Producer/Journalist/Field Producer, NCP, LLC &Gearshift TV Productions, LLC

“I have worked with all types of producers in all my productions, but when it comes to on schedule, on time, efficient, smart and good hearted those words spell Danielle, she is responsible and knows how to get the job done. Producers know how to make it happen, Danielle knows how to make it happen…”

Don worked directly with Danielle at Danielle Ricks Productions

Social Media Specialist

Edward Estes
Edward Estes – Architectural / Urban Designer at DC Office of Planning

“Ms. Ricks provided the DC Office of Planning with an exceptional presentation on Social Media for Social Change. She created the presentation as a Bootcamp for our summer student interns. Overall, the Bootcamp was a hit with the students and impressed the staff with her skill set and extensive knowledge about social media along with ways it could work for our summer…” more

Edward was Danielle’s client

Social Media Specialist

Linda Brown Rivelis
Linda Brown Rivelis – President, Campaign Consultation, Inc., Entrepreneur for Social Change, Founder of Graphic Web Design Lab, Founder of Living Legacy Initiative
“Danielle Ricks is one of the most upbeat, spot-on social mavens I know … I hope we get to work together forever!”
Linda Brown managed Danielle indirectly at Campaign Consultation

Executive Producer -Retirement Living TV

Yolanda ArringtonYolanda Arrington– Social Media/Public Affairs Specialist at REJ & Associates, Inc.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Danielle in various environments: a start-up TV network (RLTV), a blogging campaign (DCWEEK) and as volunteer (Women In Film & Video) — and she excels in everything! Her passion for media, technology and gadgetry is unmatched. Danielle is always “hip” to what’s new and on the cutting edge of her industry. She’s a great motivator…”more

Yolanda worked for Danielle at Retirement Living TV

Catherine Hand
Catherine Hand – Owner at Hand in Hand Communications

“Danielle is a highly energetic and self-motivated executive producer. She knows how to come in on time and on budget and is an original thinker who never fails to add interesting layers when developing material. Plus, she’s lots of fun to work with!”

Catherine worked directly with Danielle at Retirement Living TV

Producer, UniWorld Group

Layla NielsenLayla Nielsen– National Director of Integrated Radio Marketing at Radio One

“Danielle has such a “go-getters” attitude that she exemplified as a producer at America’s Black Forum. She was able to pull in talent, with all types of obstacles, without a hitch and did it all without breaking a sweat…it was an honor to work with Danielle”

Layla worked indirectly for Danielle at UniWorld Group

Jaci ClarkJaci Clark– Interview Producer at America Tonight – Al Jazeera America

“Danielle is extremely creative and highly focused. Her energy is endless and you can count on her to complete projects on time and under budget.”

Jaci was Danielle’s client

TV One

Don NapoleonDon NapoleonAward Winning Video Producer/Journalist/Field Producer, NCP, LLC & Gearshift TV Productions, LLC

“You talk about an on point worker, very detailed orientated, team player, smart and on top of her game, that’s Danielle…”

Don worked directly with Danielle at TV One

Producer at The Gayle King Show – CBS Television Distribution

Brian CampbellBrian Campbell– Director at Entertainment Tonight

“I’ve worked with and have known Danielle a long time. I’ve always been impressed with her enthusiasm, work ethic and taste. She knows how to bring together the elements a director needs to perform a superior job. We’ve worked together at the local tv level and in syndication as well, both live and tape.
I welcome any chance to work with Danielle, again.”

Brian worked directly with Danielle at CBS Television Distribution

Rhonda VinsonRhonda Vinson – Producer / Director – Field / Story / Post and Studio
“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Danielle on two different TV shows… and she is DEFINITELY one of the hardest-working people in television! Her commitment and dedication to the project and her staff are unparalleled. I look forward to working with her again in the future!”

Rhonda reported to Danielle at CBS Television Distribution

My Role – Producer, Black Entertainment Television

Jeff NewmanJeff Newman Video/Television Production Executive

“With great pride, I’ve witnessed Danielle’s growth throughout her career. I’ve also seen the quality of her work and professionalism. On time, on budget and creative (as well as a pleasure to work with).”

Jeff managed Danielle at Black Entertainment Television

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