Video content is KING in the digital space. Danielle Ricks Productions specializes in digital media and digital content production.  A small boutique business made up of a team of co-collaborators, Danielle Ricks and her staff of freelancers provide media support for your every need. Services include video blogging and production to content development, webinars and podcasting.

I recommend that clients invest in video production as part of their marketing, branding, or social media campaign. Whether it’s an Electronic Press Kit (EPK) or a promotional video, digital storytelling has become a key element to brand marketing and storytelling.

Here are a few examples.

You crowdfunding campaign will convey a stronger message if you have a video to help share your story. Stop Online Violence Against Women (SOVAW) recently launched their Indiegogo campaign to raise money to out an end to online violence against women and to support the campaign for a safer internet for all. Below is the promotional video I produced for the SOWVA campaign. If you would like to learn more about SOVAW or if you would like to give to the campaign, click here:

An EPK can tell your personal story or promote a particular marketing campaign. Take a look at this one for comedian, George Wallace.


On Location
On Location

Below is a video I produced for the Mason Institute of Maryland, Inc. to raise awareness about the field of masonry.

The video was shared over several digital platforms to video help students, parents and school guidance counselors think about the masonry trade as a viable option for high school students.


Video Bloggin
Video Blogging

Another way to tell your story is with by a Vlog, also knows as video blogging. This takes place the moment, where social interaction happens. It is timely, shareable and socially engaging. The video below was shot and edited on my iPhone for the What’s Next DC conference and features presenters: B. Bonin Bough, Senior Global Director of Digital and Social Media, Pepsico, Tim Mahlman, Chief Revenue Officer, Klout, Katharine Zaleski, Executive Producer and Head of Digital News Products, Washington Post, and Sabrina Caluori, Vice President of Social Media & Performance Marketing, HBO. Take a look.




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