Social Media: Trends And Tips for Social Video Marketing

3You know that social media is an important element of any marketing strategy. But do you know the single most important element that you should add to your social media plan? It is video. Whether it is video on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LiveStream, or the newest kids on the block, Periscope and Meerkat, video should be the content you add to your marketing strategy.

Here are video marketing stats we can’t ignore:

  • According to Nielsen, 147 million Americans watch video on the internet
  • 87% of online marketers use video content according to Outbrain
  • According to Online Publishers Association, 46% of users take some sort of action after and after watching a video and 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online, according to comScore

More and more people–across demographics–are watching online video. And, of course, you want to be where your clients are. Right?

Here are five ways to develop a social media video marketing strategy:

  1. Decide What Story To Tell: A good place to start is to produce a video about your company and your services. Testimonial videos or an EPK (Electronic Press Kit) are also a great way to showcase your skills. Having an event? Think about live streaming.
  2. Choose The Right Platform: Research your options before committing to any one platform. If most of your audience is on Twitter, try Periscope. If you need a wider reach, use YouTube.
  3. Length Is Everything: Research by Visible Measures said that you have 10 seconds to grab the viewers’ attention. Make your video pop right off the top.
  4. Know Your Audience: Is your audience looking to learn more about you or more about the services you provide? Think about sharing video tips to your viewers so they’ll get to know you and what you have to offer. I’ve done a series of social media tips here.
  5. Engage Your Audience: Think about adding interactive elements to your video. Include in-video links.YouTube has “cards” or you can create your own links. You could also add a survey to encourage engagement.

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Five Things To Know In Social Media This Week

I searched the headlines for the hot social media topics of the week. Here are five stories to help with your professional development in the social space.

Twitter Blog JpegFrom TechCrunch: Twitter Officially Launches Its “Retweet With Comment” Feature – “Twitter just officially launched its “retweet with comment” feature, which it began testing last summer. “Retweet with comment” allows users to embed a tweet in their own tweets, which lets them get around Twitter’s 140-character limit when they write their own commentary. The feature is now available on Twitter’s site and iPhone app and will be available on its Android app soon. [ED NOTE: This is WAY cool!]”

From WaPo: Snapchat’s controversial emoji update: An explainer for the old and/or confused– “Nothing prematurely ages you quite like social media. Are you upset about the big Snapchat update? No, okay, you’re probably old. You didn’t hear about the update? Positively ancient. You don’t even use Snapchat?!?!??! Dinosaur!! Allow me to inform you, oh fossilized one, that Snapchat yesterday made some changes to its popular messaging app, which have become something of a flash point among the teenage set. But if you’re older than, say, 17, the very substantive, concerning implications of the update are not apparent immediately.” [ED NOTE: After reading this article, we can all be happy with the notion that we are not dinosaurs!]

YouTube JpegFrom Re/code: YouTube to Video Makers: Join Our Subscription Service or Go Somewhere Else– “YouTube is getting ready to launch an ad-free subscription service. And the world’s largest video site is flexing some muscle to make sure its new product is as big as possible. YouTube is doing that with new rules that will make it difficult for video makers to keep their clips out of the new service, which should come out in the second half of this year. The key change: YouTube “partners” — video owners who make money from ads on their YouTube clips — will need to let YouTube put their clips in the ad-free service, too. If they don’t, YouTube will make it nearly impossible for a casual visitor to find the videos. It will classify the clips as “private,” which means the only people who can see them will be those preselected by the video owner. YouTube says it will share subscription revenue with video owners whose stuff gets viewed, and it isn’t requiring video owners to keep their stuff on the site exclusively. So the new rules likely won’t pose a problem for the majority of video makers.”

From ReadWrite: Yahoo Has Apparently Decided It’s Time To Really Cash In On Tumblr – “Yahoo is planning an internal reshuffle that could effectively end the independence of its most popular acquisition, the visual blogging platform Tumblr. The Information reports that CEO Marissa Mayer spoke about the major changes inside the company at an offsite meeting with executives. She also reportedly asked Tumblr CEO David Karp which Yahoo executive he’d like to report to from now on. Yahoo spent $1.1 billion to acquire Tumblr in May 2013, and it looks like the company is finally planning to seek a return on that investment. Tumblr’s highly visual format makes it possible to serve native ads—that is, ads that are barely distinguishable from the content around them, and thus less intrusive to users.”

From The Verge: Facebook launches standalone Messenger for web browsers – “There’s now a web browser version of Facebook Messenger to go along with the standalone smartphone apps the company is making everyone use. No, Facebook the website isn’t taking away your ability to chat with friends. After the controversy that surrounded divorcing the two central features on mobile, Facebook is adamant that Messenger isn’t leaving anytime soon. Instead, Messenger for the web — which you’ll find at starting today — focuses solely on simple conversations and leaves the other parts of Facebook that can be distracting to the primary site.” [Ed Note: I don’t use Facebook Messenger. It’s the one place where you cannot get in touch with me. It’s my own private rebellion]

There you have it. You’re up-to-date on the hot social media topics for this week.

Why You Should Have A Social Media Plan AND Ten Ways To Get Started

4You know you should be active in social media. It’s good for your personal brand and your business. But you just don’t have time to do all those posts. One way to help you get organized is having a social media plan. A social media plan or mapping out what your posts will be on a weekly and even monthly basis helps you think strategically about what you should share with your audience. The social media plan includes a daily breakdown of what you should post most days of the week.

Yes, I said most day so of the week.

Consistency is the key in social media. Don’t ride the social media wave unless you can commit to a consistent schedule that your followers can depend on.

I tend to use themes to map out the days of the week on my social media plans. I am also a big fan of iteration. Below is an example of a Monday through Friday Twitter and Facebook social media plan. I developed this weekly plan for my client, AmeriCorps VISTA. It helped guide my posts throughout the week. You’ll see the days of the week divided up into five categories:

  • Mission Monday
  • Tip Tuesday
  • Webinar Wednesday
  • Throwback Thursday
  • Follow Friday

SMM Plan Image

SMM Plan Twitter JPEG

To get started on your plan, think about the content you have to share. If you are new to the social space, focus on one social media site at a time. I would recommend you consider getting starting with Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube.

Twitter – Without a doubt, Twitter is the best way to share and discover what is happening in the moment. To grow your audience, think about following and sharing popular hashtags and TweetChats.

Facebook – Most of your friends and colleagues are on Facebook. So are your clients and customers. Why not join Facebook Groups that support your mission and vision? Better yet start a group of your own. It’s a great way to connect and engage with the people that mean the most to you or the people you are trying to reach.

YouTube – Everyone has a story to tell. YouTube provides a forum to allow people to connect, inspire, entertain and inform. If you are comfortable in front of the camera or have a lot of video content, YouTube is a great place to start. Consider producing a web series of your most popular content. 

Here are ten tips to keep in mind once you are ready to start your social media plan:

  1. Determine which platforms you will use – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or all four
  2. Devise a daily, weekly and monthly social media schedule that incorporates each platform
  3. Monthly posts should reflect recurring dates such as holidays, celebrations or conference dates
  4. Determine who will manage your accounts and how often they will post
  5. Build upon the content you already have (photos, video, press releases)
  6. Come up with a regular posting schedule and stick to it
  7. Use a social media management tool such as Hootsuite to schedule your posts
  8. If you are cross posting from one site to another, factor in a few organic, original posts for each site
  9. Remember that it is a plan, a guide, so leave room for unexpected breaking news stories or changes
  10. Engage, engage, engage and then engage some more

 If you need help developing your social media plan, I’m here to help!

Can YouTube Change How We View Elections?

The newly launched YouTube Elections Hub wants to be your go-to source for coverage of key political moments throughout the election cycle. The channel will offer election-related video clips,a live streams of the days events,and Google+ Hangouts with “power brokers”who are behind the scenes from now through November 6.

Along with videos from politicians and the political parties,original content will be provided by network heavy hitters such as ABC News,Larry King,The New York Times,The Wall Street Journal and an Al Jazeera English Live Stream.  You can watch what is going on live,follow the feed,or leave a comment on the channel.

Will you watch any of the election coverage on YouTube or will you stick to traditional media outlets?

Post originally appeared in All Things E

Small business, like the maker of Orabrush, are increasingly using YouTube

How do you take something as unsexy as a gadget that scrapes the tongue to prevent bad breath and popularize the brand? Why, you create a funny YouTube video of course. Current Orabrush episodes running online keep viewers tuning in, and some of them are actually purchasing the product. Go YouTube!

At SES San Francisco, Baljeet Singh, Senior Product Manager of YouTube and the Google Content Network, told the story of Orabrush, a small business that had used Promoted Videos to promote its product and drive engaged YouTube audiences to both its videos and its website.

Yesterday, Claire Cain Miller of The New York Times, wrote an article entitled, “To Fix Bad Breath, a Gadget Seen on YouTube.” It updates the Orabrush story — and provides a powerful punchline: Funny YouTube videos have helped the small business make a million dollars in one year.

First, the backstory.

After a series of unsuccessful TV commercials, the bacteria fighting company OraBrush turned to YouTube to help promote their more light-hearted approach to curing bad breath. As CEO Jeffrey Harmon explained to the YouTube Biz Blog, “Previously, in an attempt to educate people on bad breath, we had tried a TV infomercial — it was a complete flop. As an experiment, we decided to create an ‘infomercial’ for YouTube. We had made a couple of videos that we could see were showing signs of going viral, so we decided to give them a jump-start with Promoted Videos.”

YouTube provided OraBrush with a low-cost way to help promote a product that required some education. Promoted Videos quickly helped their fun and quirky videos get off the ground, and they soon saw sales and video views soar. “Promoted Videos has worked better than any other ad platform we have used online,” said Harmon.

What do I mean by fun and quirky videos? Check out this one, which has almost 2.5 million views.
FUNNY: Test YOUR Breath–The Stench That Stole Christmas

Curebadbreath, the official YouTube channel of Orabrush, currently has almost 24.5 million views — making it the #10 most viewed all time in the Sponsor category.

Orabrush followed up the success of its initial campaign with Diaries of a Dirty Tongue, which features weekly appearances by a giant tongue named Morgan. According to Miller, “Orabrush has sold $1 million worth of the $5 tongue brushes through YouTube, and major drugstores are beginning to stock it on their shelves.”

The moral of this story: OraBrush’s campaign has been a success in large part because its infomercials are less like “ads” and more like popular YouTube videos that users discover, watch, and share.

Have any other small businesses experienced similar success?

In her article, Miller mentioned Blendtec and Dynomighty Design.

Earlier today, I embedded “Video marketing case studies with David Meerman Scott and Greg Jarboe,” which tells the Blendtec story.

And at SES New York 2010, I interviewed Terrence Kelleman, the President and Designer of Dynomighty Design. In case you missed it, check out the interview below.
Dynomighty YouTube video marketing case study

What do all three case studies have in common? They all feature small businesses that you are using YouTube to make the cash register ring.



See more at


YouTube Launches Live Stream

How will the launch of YouTube’s live streaming impact Ustream? Will the Flash/HTML5 battle keep me from uploading a YouTube live stream to my iPhone? These and other burning questions “As The World Turns”.

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YouTube’s tagline has always been “broadcast yourself.” Now  video site is taking that concept to another  the launch of YouTube live streaming as it looks to  upstarts like Ustream.

On Sunday (Sept. 12) YouTube kicked off a test of the new  with four partners: Howcast, Next New Networks,  Young Hollywood.

Through the end of day Monday, each will stream several live programming blocks. For example, at 10:30 PST on Monday,  will broadcast an interview with skateboarding legend Tony Hawk live from the company’s studio. Besides live video, the new streaming platform allows users to post comments in realtime.

While starting with professionally produced content, YouTube is billing its streaming platform as a way for anybody with a Webcam to become a broadcaster. It’s that open access that has driven the success of Ustream, and live-streaming outlets.

YouTube officials said that it will review the results of this weeks test, but plans are in the works to roll out live streaming to more partners.Read more at


YouTube Launches Live Stream

How will the launch of YouTube’s live streaming impact Ustream? Will the Flash/HTML5 battle keep me from uploading a YouTube live stream to my iPhone? These and other burning questions “As The World Turns”.

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YouTube’s tagline has always been “broadcast yourself.” Now the
Google-owned video site is taking that concept to another level
with the launch of YouTube live streaming as it looks to compete
with upstarts like Ustream.

On Sunday (Sept. 12) YouTube kicked off a test of the new live
platform with four partners: Howcast, Next New Networks, Rocketboom
and Young Hollywood.

Through the end of day Monday, each will stream several live
programming blocks. For example, at 10:30 PST on Monday, Young
Hollywood will broadcast an interview with skateboarding legend
Tony Hawk live from the company’s studio. Besides live video, the
new streaming platform allows users to post comments in real

While starting with professionally produced content, YouTube is
billing its streaming platform as a way for anybody with a Webcam
to become a broadcaster. It’s that open access that has driven the
success of Ustream, and live-streaming outlets.

YouTube officials said that it will review the results of this
weeks test, but plans are in the works to roll out live streaming
to more partners.


Fake Vintage Ads For Facebook, YouTube & Skype. Very FUNNY!!

I have a thing for vintage ads. These are a hoot!

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Sao Paulo ad agency Moma created a wondeful series of fake vintage ads for Facebook, YouTube and Skype as part of the “Everything Ages Fast” ad campaign for Maximidia Seminars.

via This Isn’t Happiness &Ads of The World


Hats off to Baltimore Mayor Rawlings-Blake who shares the value of social media… on YouTube of course

President Obama used the social media space like no other candidate before him (and none since) to raise money and raise awareness. Here’s a look at Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake sharing the importance of using social media on… what else… YouTube. Our officials are starting to get it!

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Watch the video of Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake talking about how and why she uses online social media:

Video production by Storyfarm New Media ( and KO Digital (

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Magazines Go Digitial

I ran across the article below in The New York Time.  It describes how magazines will finally join us in the digital space. I have to say that it’s about time!  My Saturday afternoons use to be filled with me on the sofa and a pile of InStyle, Time, Essence, and at least two other fashion magazines, two industry publications and three home decorating magazines covering the living room floor. I’d spend the day flipping through my favorite magazines and the next few days trying to figure out A) what to do with all those pages I cut out but never again will look at and B) how I was going to get rid of these darn magazines.  Now, problem solved… they are going digital!

The failing publishing industry has forced magazines to reinvent themselves… as so many of us have already done. Enter the age of the electronic magazine. It had to be done because magazine ads are going down the drain… along  with their readership.  I can’t even tell you the last time I bought a magazine… or a book… or a newspaper or even a CD.  If I can’t download it, I don’t want it.  It seems I’m not alone.

Yet, some people are complaining about the new advancement and are asking, “do I really did yet one more gadget to carry around”?  Well, never fear, because with the Apple’s Tablet, slated to ship in March, you will be able to combine your viewing and listening pleasure in one gadget.  In the meantime here’s an excerpt from the New York Times (which I got off line, of course) and two YouTube videos on the hottest new electronic magazine trends.

New York Time – Magazines Get Ready for Tablets By STEPHANIE CLIFFORD

After letting the Internet slip away from them and watching electronic readers like the Kindle from Amazon develop without their input, publishers are trying again with Apple iPhones and, especially, tablet computers.

Although publishers have not exactly been on the cutting edge of technology, two magazines — Esquire and GQ — have developed iPhone versions, while Wired and Sports Illustrated have made mockups of tablet versions of their print editions, months before any such tablets come to market. Publishers are using the opportunity to fix their business model, too.

Read full story

YouTube, Hulu & eBooks… it’s the digital age baby!

The digital race is on and consumers are benefiting big time! YouTube is about to offer the ability to watch 1080p HD videos in full resolution. In addition, the video channel has recently rolled out YouTube Direct, a new tool that allows media organizations to request, review and rebroadcast YouTube clips directly from YouTube. Meanwhile, Hulu just announced a major partnership with EMI to showcase music video and concert footage.  According to Cynopsis Digital, one of my favorite places to go for… well… all things digital… as an example of what to expect from the Hulu/EMI merger,” a mini-site devoted to Norah Jones has been created, featuring video clips and excerpts from live performances. Hulu will also utilize such music pages to drive viewers to music-themed TV episodes and movies, such as this documentary on the Flaming Lips. Meanwhile the highly anticipated Vevo music video site, a joint venture between Sony, Universal and YouTube, has set a launch date of Dec. 8″.

Meanwhile, e-Publishing is taking off as well.  Not to be outdone by Amazon and their new Kindle 3G wireless reading devise, Barnes & Noble has gotten into the eBook game.  Dubbing it as “The World’s Most Advanced eBook Reader”, the nook” promises over one million bestsellers along with your favorite eNewspapers and eMagazines all delivered fast and free via 3G wireless or Wi-Fi. Browse the vast Barnes & Noble eBookstore.

The digital age… you gotta love it!  See you on line!