Baratunde Thurstonisms at SXSW Keynote


You can almost measure the freedom of a society by its tolerance of satirists.

The code writer and the screenwriter have to work together.

There is room and need for artful ridicule and cultivated wit.

SXSW Keynote Speaker, Baratunde Thurston is a politically-active, technology-loving comedian from the future. He is also the author of How To Be Black and Director of Digital for at The Onion.

Geek The Cause at SXSW Interactive 2012


SXSW Interactive brings together some of the world’s most creative and forward thinking professionals, from a wide rage of disciplines.

We- at Campaign Consultation, Inc, and Eye Byte Solutions, LLC – are hosting “Geek The Cause”… a special event at SXSW designed to leverage our collective grey matter to forge new ideas and innovative strategies to address some of our most pressing social concerns.

If you’ll be at SXSW on Sunday, March 11, 2012 please register for a ticket and join us!