Love, Lust, and Technology: Analog Dating in a Digital World


From the edge of the net to the technology behind love and lust, thirstDC is bringing the nerd and I’m going to make it sexy THIS Thursday, October 13 at the NEXT thirstDC event.  My talk is on “Dating and Technology” and the question we will be exploring is whether tech is changing the dating game or are our brains just living up to their hardwired lusty potential?  We’ll explore how social networking, our gadgets, and our time spent online is changing our relationships with our mates and with each other.

Come on, you know you have a story to tell about that guy you met on Twitter.  Or maybe it’s about the girl who will text you ten times a day or that old college love you reconnected with on Facebook.  You may not know that there is a science behind all the texting, sexting and social networking or how tech can actually change your brain, your behavior and your thought patterns.  That’s what I’ll be talking about and I hope you can join me.  So, just what is thirstDC?

In a city where happy hours are just part of the job, thirst DC is a new recurring social concept that twists the typical bar experience and turns it into a “sexy nerd house party”, where world-renown experts speak to inspire the attendees to create innovative connections, learn, flirt, drink, and dance while the DJ spins until 2 am. thirst DC’s talks are short and thought-provoking, to spark fresh and interesting conversations among its attendees.

thirst DC is an unique opportunity for D.C.’s brightest minds to get together to share ideas. Founded by an intrepid group of nerds, thirst DCcreates the perfect environment for DC’s nerdiest and sexiest that thirst for knowledge, a stiff drink, and some attractive company. Whether you work in politics or science, but really are passionate about fashion or food, all we ask is that our guests expect the topics to be a bit risqué, and in return we ask that they be utterly fascinating.

  • thirst for technology? 
  • thirst for science? 
  • thirst for art and culture? 

We hope you’ll bring your thirst and join us THIS Thursday!

What: Thirst DC networking event
When: October 13, 2011 | 6:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Where: The Bier Baron Tavern  | 1523 22nd St NW, Washington DC
Who: Anyone in the DMV with a thirst for fun, a good happy hour and nerdy talk

Purchase your ticket now at Ticket Leap and hit me up of you want a discount code… just because I like you!



The science of SEO… 7 Types of SEO “Evidence”

I’ve never been good at math or science but I’m all about crunching those numbers and creating pie charts now. Here are 7 Types of SEO “Evidence” for your consideration.

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magnifying glassWe’ve had a lot of discussions recently about SEO as a Science. Unfortunately, these discussions sometimes devolve into arguments over semantics or which approach is the “best” in all situations. I’d like to step back for a few moments today and talk about the wider world of SEO evidence. While not all of these types of evidence are “science” in the technical sense, they are all important to our overall understanding. We need to use the best pieces of all of them if we ever hope to develop a mature science of SEO.

The Fundamental Assumption

All science rests on a fundamental assumption, long before any hypothesis is proposed or tested. The fundamental assumption is that the universe is orderly and follows rules, and that through observation and experimentation we can determine those rules. Without an orderly universe, science would be impossible (as would existence, most likely). A related assumption is that these rules are relatively static – if they change, they change very slowly. Our view of the universe may change dramatically, resulting in paradigm shifts, but the underlying rules remain roughly the same.

The advantage we have as SEOs is that we know, for an absolute fact, that our universe is orderly. Like Neo, we have seen The Matrix. The Algorithm consists of lines of code written by humans and running on servers.

The disadvantage for SEO science is that the rules governing our universe are NOT static. The algorithm changes constantly – as often as 400 times per year. This means that any observation, any data, and even any controlled experiment could turn out to be irrelevant. The facts we built our SEO practices on 5 or 10 years ago are not always valid today.

(1) Anecdotal Evidence

All science begins with observation. In SEO, we make changes to sites every day and measure what happens. When rankings rise and fall, we naturally try to figure out why and to tie those changes to something we did in the past. Although it isn’t “science” in the technical sense, the evidence of our own experience is very important. Without observing the universe and creating stories to explain it, we would never learn anything from those experiences.

PROS – Anecdotal evidence is easy to collect and it’s the most abundant form of evidence any of us have. It’s the building block for just about any form of scientific inquiry.

CONS – Our own experiences are easily affected by our own biases. Also, no single experience can ever tell the whole story. Anecdotal evidence is just a starting point.