How Augmented Reality Helps Doctors Save Lives

I just think this is the coolest thing EVER!

Written by Chris Cameron for ReadWriteWeb


I’m in Santa Clara, California this week attending (and speaking) at the Augmented Reality Event – a conference focused on the business of AR that has experts from across the world gathered to share their ideas. While at the event, my goal has been to hunt down innovative and unique real-world practical applications for augmented reality in order to shed light on the usefulness of the technology. According to Dr. Michael Aratow, augmented reality is playing a huge role in the medical field, and some of his examples of medical AR were fascinating.


According to Aratow, Chief Information Officer for San Mateo Health Services, AR has been used in the medical field for nearly ten years. For a long time, AR lived on high-tech levels, and producing products that leveraged it required advanced computing technology only available to large corporations. This is why a lot of early AR development existed in large manufacturing companies, such as auto and aircraft makers. Medical manufacturers have also dipped into AR, but thanks to funding from the Recovery Act, far further research and development for medical AR tools has been made possible.

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