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Who We Are:

Danielle Ricks has over 25 years of media and communications experience and is the head storyteller and owner of a boutique media company, Danielle Ricks Productions (DRP).  DRP is made up of a group of Washington, DC-based freelancers who offer everything from video production services and media coaching to social media and digital media support. Over the past seven years, Danielle has taken her expertise in traditional media and transferred that knowledge to a successful career in new media communications. Using online media tools, Danielle develops strategic marketing and communications plans that build relationships, strengthen online communities, and increase brand recognition. The company focuses on content curation, video production, strategic digital marketing plans, social media support, crowdfunding and designing mission-driven online campaigns.

What We Do: 

DLR GreenScreenDRP specialize in helping clients who are seeking to transition from traditional forms of communication to emerging new media and social media engagement. As a Digital Content Producer, Danielle has taken her decades of experience producing live and in-studio television along with producing remote shoots and live, special events and translated that experience to cater to online audiences. As a result, she is able to develop specialized content that is creative, targeted, measurable and memorable.

Throughout her professional career, Danielle  Ricks and DPR has dedicated herself to bringing exceptional, innovative concepts to each project she works on. As she continues her career, her goal is to inform, involve, and inspire people through all forms of digital media that will stimulate the senses and invoke provocative thinking one dynamic story at a time. At the core, Danielle is a storyteller. What story do YOU want to tell? Danielle Ricks Productions is available the service your needs.

What We Provide:

Trailer ThumbnailThere are as many different social media strategies, digital marketing campaigns, and video production options available and there are brands, events, organizations and individuals. One size does not fit all. Below is a list of the starting prices for services provided by Danielle Ricks Productions. Call for a FREE consultation to see which package best fits your needs.

Social Media packages are tailored to client needs, offering as much assistance as you require with any stage of your social media campaign, from developing a strategic plan to setting up your presence on the various platforms and running the accounts on your behalf to training staff on social media platforms as well as one-off campaign support.

Digital media online story packages contain multiple formats and they take a variety of forms on the Internet. Packages vary based on the length and complexity of the story and assets used. All finished products include: on camera interview, general background sound/music, contact information billboard, professional video editing, HD Quality Video, video uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo.

Video production pricing falls into two categories, shooting and editing. Shooting is the process of providing services for video production which includes, cameras, lights, microphones, tripods, and other equipment. Rates vary based on a single-camera vs. multi-camera shoots, controlled vs uncontrolled environments, and single location vs multiple locations. Editing is the process of gathering and producing assets such as video, photos, music, titles, billboards, logos, etc. Editing prices are based on an hourly rate.


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