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Get Your Badge and Plan Your Schedule  | Digital Capital Week


We are less that 30 days away from the start of DCWEEK and we are anticipating around 10,000 attendees coming to the week-long festival to learn from each other and share their creativity, insights, and innovation.  To make sure you don’t miss out on a single thing, take a look at the schedule, plan to attend, and get your badge right away because time is running out.

By far, the best value for DCWEEK is the Gold Badge.  Priced at only $100, the Gold Badge gives you access to:

  • The core conference (panels and sessions) on Thursday, Nov 10
  • The free events (Keynotes, Workshops and Community Events)
  • The Opening Party at the 9:30 club on Friday, November 4
  • The Tech Cocktail party on Thursday, November 10
  • The Closing Party on Friday, November 11 – at ARENA STAGE!

The Gold Badge gives you access to what really makes DCWEEK special, hearing from all the speakers.  Well over 100 experts, designers, developers, entrepreneurs and social innovators will be featured during DCWEEK.  Check out the full list of speakers (more are being added everyday) so you can plan your daily agenda and be sure to connect your schedule with your social accounts so you can see what sessions your friends will be attending.

Below are just a few of the speakers we know you will not want to miss seeing as part of the DCWEEK Core Conference.


Brian Dresher

Social Media Partnerships Panel

Brian Dresher is Mashable’s Director of Business Development and is based out of the D.C. area. In this role, Brian identifies and manages traffic-driving, revenue-generating, and brand-building opportunities. Through these strategic areas, Brian has created new revenue streams through content and brand licensing initiatives; enhanced Mashable’s content partnerships with established media brands including CNN, Yahoo, Washington Post, US News, and USA TODAY; and developed mobile and tablet app partnerships with niche social media brands including Gowalla, Float,, and UberMedia.  He will be speaking on Thursday, November, 2011 from 9:00am – 10:00am.


Anthony De Rosa

Responsibility in Media in a Global Age Panel

Anthony De Rosa is the Reuters social media editor, integrating the “ambient wire” that exists on social networks, where news now breaks before anywhere else, into Reuters platforms. As part of his mission, he helps Reuters journalists and editors use social media tools to monitor news, report news, and find leads. The New York Times declared him “The undisputed King of Tumblr.” Mashable named it one of the best Tumblrs of 2008.  Catch him on his panel Thursday, November 10, 2011 from 1:00pm-2:00pm

Caroline McCarthy

Responsibility in Media in a Global Age Panel

Caroline McCarthy is a writer and editor who worked as a journalist for five years covering technology for, writing the column “The Social” and appearing as a commentator on MSNBC’s “Countdown with Keith Olbermann,” NBC’s “Today,” CBS’ “The Early Show,” and her personal favorite, G4′s “Attack of the Show.”  She currently puts her writing skills to work on the marketing team at Google.  See her speak on her panel on Thursday, November 10, 2001 from 1:00pm – 2:00pm.


Charlie O’Donnell

Funding Panel

Charlie O’Donnell is a Principal at First Round Capital, working on very early stage investments in the New York City area. He founded New York’s largest independent innovation community group, nextNY, and was voted one of the 100 Most Influential People in New York Technology the last three consecutive years by Alley Insider. Charlie was the Co-Founder & CEO of Path 101, an innovative startup in the career guidance and recruiting space, which raised half a million dollars and was a Business Insider Startup 2009 Finalist.  His panel is Thursday, November 10, 2011 from 2:00pm 0 3:00pm.

In addition to checking out the individual speakers, you will also want to check out the list of conference Tracks and Session Titles to start planning ahead for your DCWEEK schedule.  Pick a track, pick a day and add the sessions that you’re interested in to your daily schedule.  Here are some of the key offerings to get you started:


  • Trends & Innovative uses of Mobile API’s
  • Mobile Policy sponsored by AT&T
  • Mobile Apps: From Smartphones to Tablets and Beyond
  • Creative Mobile Marketing: From QR codes to in-app selling
  • Mobile Campaigns sponsored by FORD
  • The Future of Mobile Money
  • Mobile Gaming Domination


  • Social Media & Analytics
  • Open Source & Open Data sponsored by Phase2
  • Design: Creative Direction
  • Code for Future: HTML5 & Beyond
  • Solution Oriented Visual Design


  • Pitch event from MAVA
  • The Funding Panel
  • Entrepreneurs: Getting Over the Hump presented by Bingham
  • Entrepreneurial Resources: (5 min rapid talks by various groups including UMD, GW, Venture Mentors and NSF)
  • Closing Keynote Interview for New Ventures Track


  • Inclusive Design through Data sponsored by Brighter Planet
  • Startups for Good
  • Incorporating Social Good  Into Your Mission
  • Strategy: Social Good & Marketing
  • Tools to Activate Social Good
  • Special Keynote by Amanda Rose


  • Social Media Partnerships
  • Special Keynote on Future Trends
  • Responsibility in Media in a Global Age
  • Media in a Digital World
  • Music in a Digital Age
  • Electing a Digital Route: Winning Races Online in a Post-Obama World sponsored by Scribd

Interested in finding out more?  Review the full schedule for DCWEEK, check the DCWEEK blog for more updates, and be sure to get your badge right away!

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In under four weeks, Washington, DC will be home to DCWEEK, a week-long festival in the US capital focused on bringing together designers, developers, entrepreneurs, and social innovators of all kinds to share ideas and best practices. In many cases we’ll be getting together to just geek out! I’m happy to be the Chief Blogger for DC WEEK and looking forward to working with all the volunteer bloggers as we cover this exciting event.

Please check out the DCWEEK schedule and register right away.

DC Week – Social Media 4 Social Good

Digital Capital Week (DC Week), a 10-day festival focused on technology, innovation and all things digital in the nation’s capital, is well on its way.  There have been parties, receptions, panels, brain storming sessions and wonderful opportunities to network with programmers, developers, geeks, techies and the end of the day… sponsors and clients.  Tomorrow I present a panel with my good friend and colleague, Shannon Mouton, the Social Media and Mobile Marketing Manger, for Laureate Higher Education Group.  Our panel is covering a topic that is near and dear to my heart, using Social Media 4 Social Good. It is my belief that every organization can use the digital space to create change, impact social consciousness and drive home a call-to-action.  Whether your goal is reduce your carbon footprint, fight childhood obesity, or to eradicate poverty, you can use social media as an effective tool to communicate your objectives.

The Social Media 4 Social Good panel is part of DC Week’s Gov & Org 2.0 Day.  The day was organized as a way of focusing on issues and opportunities related to governments and non-profits. Social Media 4 Social Good will specifically concentrate on how nonprofits and for-profits alike can use social media to communicate an organization’s mission, build communities and support outreach efforts. We’ll talk about ways to connect with clients and community members in engaging two-way conversation that will be sure to bring about positive social changes.

If you’re in the nation’s capitol for DC Week please stop on by our Social Media 4 Social Good panel but be sure to register first, space is limited and going fast!  Just click on the link to register today.

SXSWi: A Geekie, Gadget Girl’s DREAM!

The South by Southwest Festival officially ended yesterday in Austin, Texas.  I was in Austin for  SXSW® Interactive which featured five days of compelling presentations from the brightest minds in emerging technology and tons of exciting networking events.  This year’s festival brought out record crowds for the interactive, film and music tracks drawing in web developers and designers, bloggers, mobile innovators, content producers, programmers, widget inventors, new media entrepreneurs and social media consultants from around the world. The five-day interactive festival showcased the latest ideas, the brightest minds and the coolest innovations of the future.  Yet, I couldn’t help be a little jealous when the energy changed as SXSW kicked off with the music track, bringing in thousands of artists that totally changed the energy to something that was just magical to watch.

My old music days aside, SXSW Interactive met all my expectations and in some cases surpassed them.  I was able to meet many of the geeky, techie folks I’ve been communicating with online over the past year.  Clearly one of the highlights for me was meeting Dave Grossman, one of the founding members of Amplify, which has become an addiction of mine.  Mostly I was able to learn, engage and connect with so many people on a variety of subjects from app development and monetizing your blog to privacy issues and protecting copyrighted material on the Internet.  But if I had to sum up my SXSWi experience in just five takeaways it would be this:

  1. Some of the hottest apps and tools are made at SXSWi.  Last year Twitter was the buzz during SXSWi and now they are getting over 17 million hits per day.  This year Foursquare was the favored app and they received 300,000 hits the first day of SXSWi alone.  If you have a product, SXSWi is the place to roll it out and if you have an iPhone you will be able to get the coolest apps around.  By the way, The Foursquare guys were the coolest, nicest fellas.
  2. SXSWi puts the “social” in “social networking”.  You have to get from behind your keyboard, unplug from your computer and move away from your laptop long enough to actually engage face-to-face with people to get the real SXSWi experience.
  3. Privacy remains a hot topic for the technology community.  One thing I will walk away with, however, is fact that how much information you do or do not share online is up to each individual and under the users control.
  4. There is still a place for good story telling online and it is the foundation for communication.  However, online, good stories are a three-way street; they include the storyteller, the audience and in third place, a shared experience together.
  5. Don’t be afraid of negative responses.  People are going to talk about you anyway so you might as well know what they are saying.  Then ask yourself, are you willing to change when you get feedback, be it negative or positive?

Good story telling, seeking feedback, talking to people face-to-face and taking control of your privacy… not something you would expect to hear from a group of people who live, work and play online, as I do.  How refreshing to know that the human element is not dead in Social Media.  In fact, we need humanity in order survive in the digital space.  I would have never drawn this conclusion before SXSWi but I’m glad to know the humans are still in running the show and are still in control.  Let’s see what next year brings!

Is your Brand ready for the 21st Century?

I recently spoke at the MEAC (Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference) 2009 Professional Development Workshop to senior woman administrators, athletics, coaches, and Athletic Directors on the benefits of Social Media and the new age marketing techniques. Our agenda:

Speaking on Social Networking
Speaking on Social Networking

“THE FIERCE URGENCY OF NOW:  Are You Multimedia Ready? – Building Your Brand For the 21st Century”.  With technology advancing at lightning speeds, developing and marketing your own personal brand is more important than ever to maintain and thrive in today’s fast paced environment. From networking both on-line and off-line, to community platforms and professional organizations, to presentation and writing skills, today’s professional must multi-itask more than ever to create positive and lasting exposure for themselves as well as their organizations. With access to information available 24/7, building your own brand now moves past the walls of your traditional job. It also includes defining and presenting yourselves within your community as well as on the career front.

A 21st Century Success Path focuses on:
– Professional and Social Networking
– Developing strong writing and presentation skills
– Joining and becoming involved in relevant professional organizations
– Multitasking for maximum benefits
– Establishing a strong community consciousness

Let me know how I can help your business build it’s brand and forge ahead in the 21st Century!

Presented an award

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How Twitter Will Change the Way We Live – TIME

Evan Williams and Biz Stone of Twitter Robyn Twomey for TIME
Evan Williams and Biz Stone of Twitter Robyn Twomey for TIME

“Injecting Twitter into that conversation fundamentally changed the rules of engagement. It added a second layer of discussion and brought a wider audience into what would have been a private exchange. And it gave the event an afterlife on the Web. Yes, it was built entirely out of 140-character messages, but the sum total of those tweets added up to something truly substantive”  See the full story below

via How Twitter Will Change the Way We Live – TIME.