BET is celebrating its 40th anniversary. I got my start in media communications at BET. The network just went 24-hours. BET corporate offices where Georgetown in DC. The production offices, where I worked out of, was in a TV studio in Bethesda, Md. I was an aspiring producer, and BET gave me all the space I needed to develop my craft.

Soon the network expanded, and we ended up leaving our small studio in Maryland and moving to production facilities in Virginia. I moved from a Production Assistant to Associate Producer to a Producer. My career grew as BET expanded, and eventually, we found ourselves in a campus owned and operated by BET. These were the gilded years of black entertainment, and I grew expeditiously.

I ended up leaving and coming back to the network three times throughout my career. I worked with an incredible group of people, produced some stellar music video shows and music specials, met some fantastic artists and record industry folks, and turned several co-workers into lifelong friends.

If I could say something to that aspiring my younger, aspiring producer self it would be this:

•STOP stressing out, or find a way to release the stress. (Stress is going to make you sick)

•Stay in touch with your contacts (seriously, how did you lose touch with Benny Medina???)

•Don’t let other people define you (they don’t know your life!)

•Take a professional development course (you need coaching on how to be a better boss)

•Ignore the haters (20 years from now they will have zero impact on your life)

Other than that, enjoy it, girl. This is going to be the highlight of your young career

What advice would you give to your younger self at the start of your career?