LinkedIn has released the findings of The Mindset Divide, a new research study that interviewed over 6,000 social network users across 12 countries on how and why people use professional and personal social networks. According to the study, people use personal social networks to socialize or pass the time of day.  No surprises there. In comparison, professional social networks, such as LinkedIn, are used to do what the report describes as “investing time.” However, what is most interesting is the types of content people expect to see on a professional social network versus a personal one. Respondents ranked “Updates from Brands” as the #2 type of content they expect to see on a professional social network but on their personal social networks, it scored at #9 on the list.  Advertisers and Marketers should take note of this when setting up, say, their Facebook brand page.

How do you use your personal social networks versus your professional ones?

Originally posted in All Things E