You can’t deny that “social” took center stage in 2012.   Facebook snagged 800 million monthly users, Google introduced G+, and

Twitter is expected to increase its revenues by more than 86% in 2012.

The more time we spend online, the more we are able to connect with one another and grow our individual and corporate brands. We can collaborate in ways that never existed before.  At the same time, many people, even those in social media, are turning away from many social networking platforms.  Will 2012 be the year that Facebook finally hits the wall?  FirstPost.com suggests this may be the case.   Chris Brogan, President of Human Businessshared with MSNBC.com that he predicted we could be heading for social media overload.

With so many consumers and businesses using social media, 2012 will be the year of oversaturation. That will require a more focused effort to make useful/meaningful media or be left behind as noise.

So what’s next? 

Building communities and creating tighter networks will remain goals in 2012. Google Circles and others embrace these ideas, but to take these efforts to the next level, we must do things that cannot be automated.

  • We’ll need to go beyond just interacting with people and think about how to connect   on a deeper level.
  • We should plan to talk less and listen more.
  • We should value the power of partnerships that bring together brands, causes, and organizations to advance mission.
  • We should spend a good amount of time on closing the digital divide.
  •  We must make a difference.

I think David Shing, Digital Prophet for AOL, said it best during DC Week:

If we are spending so much time on the web it better make our interactions offline better.

My friends, I think 2012 is going to be an interesting year for “social” indeed.