Blogging has come a long way, hasn’t it?  I had to pinch myself when I was given a White House press credential to blog about President Obama’s address to the National Urban League.  More and more we are being taken seriously as journalist and just about every brand recognizes that you want bloggers in your corner.  But when I started my first blog I really just wanted a place to express myself.  Because I’m so expressive (read slightly schizophrenic), here I am years later with several blogs I manage (no, I am NOT going to tell you how many) that cover everything from spirituality, women’s issues, and social media trends to technology and dating.  I’ve never started blogging to make money, although I’ve been hired to cover some really cool gigs and somehow landed myself as a lifestyle blogger.  The question I get asked most often from people who want to start blogging is “what should I write about?” Here are some suggestions to get you started.

Blogging Tips:

  • Write about what makes your heart sing 
  • Write about something that you are passionate about
  • Be your most authentic self
  • Find a voice you haven’t heard and express your point of view
  • Promote your blog across multiple social media network
  • Let your personality shine
  • Benchmark blogs you like

Don’t have a lot of time to Blog?

  • Use mixed media in your blogs so you don’t have to write as much
  • Phone it in, audio blogging is a great way to get a quick post up
  • Blog from your smartphone or tablet
  • Keep it simple – each post doesn’t have to be the next great America novel

Once you get your blog off the ground do the things that truth be told, I need to do more of:

  • Post basis
  • Partner with guest bloggers who can keep your blog fresh and up to date
  • Update your blog’s theme when necessary
  • Blog on the go
  • Comment on blogs you like and you will slowly build a community
  • Find someone to proof your blog before posting (FYI, I need this BADLY… any volunteers… please… anyone?)

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Founded in 2009, the Blogalicious Weekend conferences are aimed at celebrating the diversity of women of all ethnicities in social media. Over the course of 3 event-filled days, savvy, influential and talented women bloggers will ignite a sense of unity within the multicultural blogging community as well as educate marketers on the importance of our demographic in today’s marketplace, all while networking, building relationships, and promoting inspiration and success for each other.