Aren’t you tired of people poking you on Facebook? Wouldn’t you like your friends to STOP tagging you in photos where it is clear you look a hot mess? What about my biggest social networking pet peeve, tagging me in a flyer, advertisement or picture that I’m not in and don’t even care to see!  How about people who only post quotes on Twitter and never engage with you at all?  If any of these social media wrongs ring true for you, order the Social Media Citation notes from and start handing giving them to offenders so we can stop social media posting abuse in all forms.  By the way, you can go ahead and over share this blog post… I wouldn’t even think of giving you a citation for that. 🙂 


  1. Girl, the number one pet peeve on that media citation is–excessive vulgarity. I am on Twitter, I had to eliminate some follower who used it excessively. I am not perfect, but I WILL NOT use profanity or vulgarity on twitter. The most asinine thing I have witnessed is–vulgar posting using one’s legal name! This is detrimental to users because Google stores everything, even though you can delete tweets and FB comments–they register and stay in Google forever! A young boy asked President Obama for his advice about becoming a future president; the president answered–watch what you say/post on Facebook! Word on that! People are getting fired from jobs because of their vulgar use on social media. Also, employers, potential business clients check social media, especially Google for any negativity. Thanks for sharing. Also, visit and comment on my many sites via | Your Support Is Welcomed.~KeKeMichel

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