I LOVE this time of year!  As we start a new year I love to look back on the earlier 365 days to see what has worked, what no longer serves our higher good and what we need to improve on for the year ahead..  Every year around this time I do inventory on where I’ve been and where I’m going in the upcoming year.  I read over previous blog posts, intentions, affirmations and goals.  I look over my vision board and see what, if anything needs to be readjusted, added or taken off.  I don’t make New Year’s Eve Resolutions but what I always do is some serious housecleaning… clearing the old to make way for the new.  I follow my housecleaning up with an intention for the upcoming year that I revisit and rework throughout the 365-day cycle. In 2011 let’s focus on what we really want as we embark on this new year.  To  get us started, here are five things I will no longer waste my time on (some of them are carried over from last year… what can I say, some habits are harder than others to break) and I hope you’ll consider joining me:

  1. “Friendships” that do not serve our higher good-  We do not have time for people who will drain our energy or who do not support the highest version of ourselves.  I challenge us all to love and respect ourselves, love and respect others, and expect to be loved and respected in return.  Accept nothing less for we deserve the best.
  2. Wishing” and “regretting”– Wishing I did this or regretting I did not do that does nothing to help us build a better future and leaves us feeling powerless to change our life.  We either need to do what it is our heart is calling us to do, rework our plan, or admit some things may never be.  Reinvent yourself or let it go but leave the past in the past and live in the here and now… right here… right now.
  3. Grudges They keep us stuck in the past and drain us mentally, spiritually and over time, can even make us physically sick.  So, accept things the way they are.  That doesn’t mean we have to condone or even judge a situation in any way.  Rather, it means we realize things are as they are and we let it be.  It is our reaction to the situation, not the situation itself that is in our control.  So, let us all forgive ourselves and others AND MOVE ONE!
  4. Not being fully present- This year, I will take it ALL in and I challenge you to do the same. We can no longer sleep walk through our lives.  It is up to us to create the best life possible and to enjoy every single moment of it, the good and the bad so that we can experience the entire journey and know true joy.
  5. Not living your dreams– Here it is folks, right here right now… the moment is NOW to do, be, have, get, WHATEVER it is your heart is calling for.  This is the year, my friends… not tomorrow or next month… TODAY!  So, get busy on those vision boards and start living the BEST LIFE EVER!!