There is a work around… “you bring up the browser menu, then go to “more”, and then “settings”. From there go to “advanced” (as seen above) and then “mode”, and finally change the user agent mode from “default” to “generic. There you have it, you may now go back to watching all of your favorite Fox shows on Google TV… that is until Fox plugs this workaround like Hulu did. Stay tuned”.

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11.11 – Update: User agent fix unblocks…for now.

Another one bites the dust. A couple of weeks ago, was atop our list of Websites that could still be accessed on Google TV to stream full episodes of content. Well, you can go ahead and cross Fox off that list, as they are now blocking Google TV devices (see the photo above).

The list of networks allowing Google TV devices to access their online content appears to be dwindling. Stay tuned.

[Cheers, Brian]