Bonnier’s Skiing magazine has introduced a new app that runs on your regular desktop or laptop computer. And yes, the people behind it have heard of the iPad. They just don’t think the frenzy over magazines on iPads or other tablets is all that justified yet.


All that snow is clearly messing with their brain cells. QUICK… get these people to the beach so they can thaw out!!

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The debut of Skiing Interactive.


The debut of Skiing Interactive.

It’s not that they’ve got anything against tablets. Skiing Interactive will actually also run on any Android tablets such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab. But because the app uses Flash, it won’t, at least for now, run on the iPad. And that’s OK with them, because they think the untapped market is on the desktop or laptop you’re very likely using to read this article.

They also think magazines’ iPad editions aren’t interactive enough. So most editorial and advertising units in the debut issue are interactive in some way, beyond a “press play” button on a video that’s been added to an article. Many ask consumers about themselves, then provide a tailored graphic, particular advice or a certain recommendation. One ad unit, for example, asks users to tell it how many days they might ski each of several resorts this winter and tells them which package of passes might be best for them. An interactive editorial infographic displays total acres, vertical drop and peak elevation at various mountains.

The Skiing Interactive app doesn’t include content from the print edition; it’s almost all about snack-sized items and graphics. And it doesn’t follow the monthly print schedule either; it comes out twice a month.