Could Google’s Android be keeping Steve Job’s up at night and if so, what is he going to do about it? Leave to to put a great spin on the topic.

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Yesterday, Apple CEO Steve Jobs made a surprise appearance on Apple’s earnings call, largely to offer a rant about why the iPhone is superior to the “fragmented” Android platform. Since rants are always ripe treatment for word clouds, we made one (above).

What sort of glimpse into Jobs’s psyche does the cloud offer (besides the fact that he’s apparently much more articulate than Mark Zuckerberg)?

No sense ignoring the elephant in the cloud: “Android” clearly made more appearances than any other word, by far. One might be tempted to read fear or obsession into the repetition of his rival’s name — self-possessed politicians usually settle for “my opponent,” after all — until we scrutinize some of the other words that made prominent appearances.

“Integrated” and “fragmented” were buzzwords, as we noted yesterday, since these were the adjectives Jobs favors over “closed” and “open,” words used by Google’s CEO to describe the iPhone versus the Android. Jobs’s central point is that Apple devices, by working more or less the same way across the board, ensure simplicty for app developers and users — a point reinforced by three other prominent words: “developers,” “software,” and “apps.”

So yes, the Android weighs heavily upon Jobs’s mind; and his dreams are more than likely populated with ravenous green robots consuming everything in their path.

Meanwhile, Google’s Android guru Andy Rubin has fired off a tweet, apparently in code, making the point that Android is the very definition of open. “mkdir android ; cd android ; repo init -u git:// ; repo sync ; make,” Rubin wrote.

What do Rubin’s word cloud dreams look like, I wonder?

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