Not to be outdone by Apple TV, Google TV just rolled out thier new offering. It’s enough to make your head spin!  I have no idea what to ask Santa for now!

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It appears that Google is betting big, showing logos from CNN, TBS, CNBC and even HBO on its mock-up. The question, of course, lies in the licensing. This has been a major concern for Apple, which was only able to launch it’s latest Apple TV with the support from ABC and Fox in the US. NBC has already stated that they felt Apple’s $.99 rental price point wasn’t a good valuation of its product, so let’s cross fingers that Google can come up with an idea that works better.

So now we have the Roku box, Apple TV and of course Google TV all coming into the market. That leaves a load of choices, and Google had left us a lot of questions. While I was personally ready to pull the trigger on an Apple TV the day that it launched, both Roku and Google have made me glad that I decided to wait.