I’m not sure what the uproar around targeted ads is all about. If you are going to force feed me an advertisement, why not make it an ad that I might actually want? Why do so many of my friends find this invasive? I think Facebook does a great job of targeted ads. I send a much time giving a “like” high-five to the Facebook ads on my page as I do to things posted on my friends pages.

Having said that, however, I’m not sure that advertisers who target their marketing towards me based on the people I follow on Twitter will work. I follow a great group of people (and some not so great, but still entertaining as hell) and I’d dare say that many of us do not have the same tastes in… well… much of anything except our love of technology. Good luck with that Twitter… I guess you have to grow the business somehow.

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Twitter Ads to Soon Be Targeted Based on Who You Follow

Photo: Twitter

Shiva Rajaraman, Twitter’s product manager, revealed at a London ad conference Tuesday that the service will soon allow advertisers to target users based on who they are following and what type of information they are searching for. “With its new targeted ads, Twitter could allow Hewlett-Packard to promote its tweets to people who follow Dell, for example,” the Financial Times explains. Twitter did reassure marketers that users’ personal details will not be shared with advertisers. “Who you follow is a good indicator of what you are interested in,” Rajaraman said. “As we move forward, we are going to implement targeting mechanisms that allow people to engage their audience in that way.” Continue following Katy Perry at your own risk. [FT via Vallywag]

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