For all you who said “I’m not sure I want everyone to know where I am”, but now “check-in” religiously and for those of us on a race to collect badges and titles, SpotRank in Action is doing some interesting things in with geo-location technology that you might want to check out. Yeah, I know, “you’d NEVER want anyone to have THIS much information on you” right. After that wears off… I’ll “see” you online1

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You are here.

And so are a million other people, except, now, there’s a way to get real-time information about them.

Using anonymous location-based data compiled from tens of millions of devices, companies like SpotRank create data maps, opening an entirely new window into where those humans are.

Marshall Kirkpatrick in his related article on Read, Write, Web sums the service up like this:

Imagine being able to look blocks or miles away from where you are and see how many people are hanging out at an intersection — in real time. Add a layer of precisely located Twitter messages, Foursquare check-ins, Flickr photos and other social data and what have you got?

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