It’s time for a new laptop. My current Mac Book Pro is four years old, it is on borrowed time and it will only run for about seven hours before it starts to make the most awful sound that you do NOT want to hear coming from a computer. With that in mind, I’ve been struggling with the idea of just getting an iPad as a replacement for my MacBook. Can I get away with not having a full blown laptop? Now with Google Apps coming on board and playing nice with the iPad I’m leaning more and more towards the iPad and less and less towards a new MacBook. Thoughts?

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iPad Google DocsThe iPad is slowly moving toward full laptop capabilities. With the release of the newest firmware update, the iPad can now both print and run multiple apps at a time, two of the shortcomings most frequently cited by those wanting to use the iPad as a full laptop or netbook replacement.

Though the iPad may never be quite as able a workhorse as a laptop, Apple has done its best to bring productivity tasks to the platform with iWork. iWork is a suite of three apps, including Pages (word processing), Numbers (spreadsheets), and Keynote (presentations), sold separately at $10 per app. The three iWork apps are consistently near the top of the iPad App Store charts and are very well regarded, but that doesn’t mean there’s no room for improvement–or competition.

Google‘s Docs web apps are widely used, from consumers to business to government, and praised for their low (or free) price, cloud-based benefits like simultaneous editing, and flexibility. Up until now, Google Docs has had a very limited presence on the iPad, allowing documents to be viewed but not edited. Today, however, Google very casually (as in, mentioned among small updates in a blog post about a European cloud-computing convention) announced that Google Docs will be coming to the iPad as well as Google’s own Android.