How long before we see Reddit add a geo-location funtion? Soon you’ll be able to checkin where you are reading and what the latest tech news your following. Let’s keep an eye on these two… there’s a lot of fight left in both of them!

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For a long time now, Digg has been the king of technology news aggregation. Tech fans liked the way they could rate their favorite tech stories highly, and see links to those rise to the top of the site’s home page.

Competitor started much later than Digg, and never really had a chance to catch up — until now. Reddit is not only grabbing traffic from Digg in the wake of that site’s troubled redesign, but it is also reporting a healthy jump in advertising deals and subscriptions.

So what are Reddit’s realistic chances of catching up to Digg? It may have just happened. According to recent Alexa numbers, the two sites are even in terms of page views (see chart below). It should also be noted that Digg’s bounce rate has taken a frightful jump of more than 20 percent since the redesign was unveiled.

Reddit saw an uptick of about 30 percent in “self-serve” ad sales this week, and is seeing a strong rise in new subscriptions to it’s ‘Reddit Gold’ program, (which gives users who pay a sneak peak at new features), according to Erik Martin, Reddit’s community manager. “It’s still going up. Our numbers have been going up significantly for the entire year, and in the last week or so with the refugees from Digg, a lot of people are hearing about us from friends or on Twitter. We’re seeing a lot of new users.”