Aside from the fact that I’m jelly (slang for jealous) of a 16-year-old who is a MILLIONAIRE… and I’m having a hard time recovering from that… this is a really good idea. I, for one, would purchase a bundled eBook package. If you read as much as I do then you want to get a deal where ever you can.

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macbundle.jpgToday Gizmodo profiled Christian Owens, a 16-year-old millionaire who made his fortune by bundling Mac applications–a model that eBook publishers could follow.

The UK teenager build a business around a simple service, the Mac Bundle Box. He convinced developers to sell multiple applications at a significant discount in a special bundle. Gizmodo explained: “The resulting bundle had a combined retail value of around $400, but he would sell it for a tenth of that price. Not only that: If enough people bought the package, a new application would get unlocked for all buyers, which guaranteed very good word-of-mouth promotion. “

This could be an effective model for eBooks as well. Publishers could bundle eBooks into cheaper packages, sorted by genre, author, or imprint. What do you think?