Yesterday OKCupid set the web on fire with their “scientific” data revealing iPhone users have more sex than other smartphone users. If that wasn’t funny enough, Android user got pissed an are now striking back asking questions like… “do they really? Or are they just more promiscuous?” I love having smartphone wars with my friends but this take it to a whole other level.

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That renowned institute for social scientific research, OkCupid, yesterday caused a stir with data purportedly showing that iPhone users totally get more laid than Android and BlackBerry users. The news was picked up, well, just about everywhere.

As often happens in science, the study has provoked controversy, drawing a rapid response from other researchers in the field. Some sullenly looked for explanations. “Who knows, maybe it is because we have porn,” wrote Android Central’s Kyle Gibb. Others were quick to point out that correlation does not equal causation, and it may simply be that “people who tend to score a lot more, for whatever reasons, might also be the type inclined to get iPhones for some of those same reasons.” Still others, without disputing the findings, sought to overturn them in future surveys by changing user behavior now: “go out and have sex,” commanded Android Police’s Aaron Gingrich. “We can’t have those iPhone asshats showing us up that badly.”

The most compelling objection to the OkCupid study so far concerns interpretation of the data. Though many outlets, including our own, reported that iPhone users had more sex than others, in fact the study only measures number of different partners. Droid partisans have been insistent on this point; after all, someone who has sex thousands of times with a single partner certainly has more sex than someone who has a dozen one-night stands. “I’m married, monogamous, and have more sex than most single people. 3 – 5 x per week,” an Android Central commenter helpfully illustrated. (“The downside is I still have a BlackBerry,” he added.)