I was always considered spoiled growing up.  Being the last of four girls will do that to you.  But, now to  find out I may be spoiled by technology… now that’s an eye opener! Here are 10 of the 21 Signs You Have Been Spoiled By Technology from PCWorld.com.  Funny how I can relate to so many of them…  how about you?

We are living in a geek’s paradise. We are so spoiled by our gadgets and the Internet that we expect everything to be automated, digitized, and customized, not to mention responsive to the swipe of a finger.

Technology has rewired our brains, altered our expectations, and, frankly, turned us all into cranks.

How do you know if this has happened to you? Look for the following 21 warning signs.

You know you’ve been spoiled rotten by technology when….

Never far away from our hands 1. You no longer complain about how slow, buggy, and crash-prone your PC is. Instead you complain about how slow, buggy, and crash-prone your smartphone is. And now you’re doing it in the checkout line at the supermarket.

2. You automatically assume that every screen is a touchscreen, but you have to touch them all just to make absolutely sure. This explains why you’re no longer allowed to enter Best Buy.

3. Someone else is named Mayor of McFatty Burgers in Foursquare before you are, and you wind up depressed for a week. Don’t worry, you’re still King of the Dorks. Would you like fries with that, Your Highness?

4. You waited in line for 24 hours and spent hundreds of dollars for the latest, greatest iPhone, yet you spend most of your time using it to simulate flatulence. Still, it could be worse–you might actually be that gassy.

5. Nothing is fast enough for you anymore. ATMs, TV remotes, microwave ovens–all now suffer from too much “lag” for your tastes. Fortunately, pressing buttons repeatedly while swearing like a sailor does, in fact, alter the time-space continuum.

6. You can’t attend a meeting or go to dinner without hiding your BlackBerry under the table and secretly responding to e-mail. Worse, you don’t even care that other people wonder what the heck your thumbs are doing down there.

TiVo logo

7. Your idea of roughing it is spending a week without TiVo. Those things that keep interrupting the program you’re watching? They’re called “commercials.” Annoying, yes, but usually not fatal.

8. Your flight’s on-board Wi-Fi craps out, and you’re thinking about parachuting down to the nearest Starbucks so that you can log on. Still, that’s better than watching Twilight: Eclipse, the in-flight movie.

Star Trek's Montgomery Scott, chief engineer9. YouTube just cannot stream videos of cats singing opera fast enough for your tastes. We understand that adopting a Highlander accent and shouting “She canna go na faster cap’n!” helps. If Scotty can’t fix it, nobody can.

10. Somebody cuts you off in traffic, and you immediately search your steering wheel for the ‘Thumbs-Down’ button. The good news: Even when you’re short on thumbs, you still have two middle fingers.

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