I would imagine President Obama’s Blackberry, or rather “Crackberry” obsession helped put my town of Washington, DC higher up in ratings. I’m disappointed there are more iPhones and iPad users in the nation’s capital but hey, you can’t have everything. As a geek diva, gadget girl I’m loving the Retrevo Gadget Census which matched up major metro areas to see which one geeked out the most.

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San Francisco vs. New York
What did the Gadget Census reveal about gadgets in the New York and San Francisco metro areas? It looks like the proximity to Cupertino has influenced smartphone ownership and computer operating system preference with the SF Bay Area reporting 23% more iPhones than the NY Metro Area. New Yorkers must get down to business more than those different thinking Bay dwellers with 56% more BlackBerry smartphones per capita. More dramatic than iPhone use was the discovery that SF had 94% more computer users with Mac OS systems as their primary OS than NY. Those hip and literate New Yorkers did beat out the Bay Area with 30% more iPads and 34% more e-readers. It looks like both cities like watching a lot of TV however 12% more SF viewers watch TV online than New Yorkers. Also in the TV department, read into it what you will, twice as many New Yorkers have TVs in their kitchens while a little more than twice as many Bay Area viewers have TVs in their garages.
Boston vs. Los Angeles
Not surprisingly, the Gadget Census saw similar difference between Boston and LA as it did between New York and San Francisco. Is this an East Coast, West Coast pattern? Boston had 44% more BlackBerry smartphones than LA while LA had 11% more iPhones. Maybe it’s those long winters that motivate East Coast people to read more but like New York, Boston had 43% more e-readers than LA. Again the East vs West differences showed up in the number of Mac OS systems with LA coming in 54% ahead of Boston on Mac OS. In the home entertainment department LA came out ahead with 24% more game consoles and 16% more Blu-ray players. Los Angelenos like to get their media online as twice as many people stream music and 3.8x as many TV viewers watch some or all their TV online as their Boston counterparts. Again, for what it’s worth, unlike SF and NY, LA had more TVs in the kitchen (45%) and in the garage (2.5x).
Chicago vs. Washington D.C.
President Obama moved into a much bigger BlackBerry community than he left behind in Chicago; in fact, 53% more BlackBerry smartphones per capita in D.C. Otherwise he didn’t find himself in a much different metro gadget world as most gadget ownership and user data matched up pretty close. Aside from BlackBerry, D.C. has 24% more Android smartphones than Chicago. Also of note are the 50% more e-readers per capita in the Capital. And finally in the great TVs in the kitchen contest, D.C. had 27% more than Chicago.

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