I thought DC was progressive with our downtown parking meters that take ATM and credit cards. However, it seems San Francisco has us beats with parking space requests you can “phone in”. Can you imagine placing a call on your smartphone to see if there is a parking space available at your next destination? You could decide which movie theater to go to based on the available parking spaces at your favorite cinema? No more circling the block over and over again to find a spot. Oh, and these new gadget meters take plastic also so no more fishing for exact change. I’m not sure if it will cut down on traffic but it sure will make life a lot easier for drivers. Of course I ride a bike to move around the city but that’s a whole other story 🙂

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We’ve all been there – circling around the block for what seems like eons searching for that oh so elusive parking space. Remarks such as, “I should have left earlier!!” run through your head until the frustration vaporizes atomically into a massive mushroom cloud in your brain. Being in an anger fog of this magnitude produces hazards to you and others while on the road. Dangers such as veering off into a pedestrian crowded crosswalk, or changing lanes haphazardly into traffic. However, to remedy this temperamental meltdown of nuclear proportions, SFMTA is introducing the SF park project. The SF park project will implement new smart parking meters throughout San Francisco to fight crowded parking, make paying easier, and avoid unwanted tickets.

These parking meters differ from the outdated models found in cluttered cities everywhere for a number of reasons. For one, they allow drivers to pay by credit card and SFMTA cards, as well as with good ol’ change. This alone will help cut down on the time spent travelling to your destination.

However, the most impressive feature about Frisco’s new smart parking meter system is a new parking sensors ability to identify how many parking spaces are available in a particular area. By doing this, drivers will be able to use their smartphones and computers to find out beforehand if a space will be available for them.

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