Have I written one chapter of my book today? No. Have I sent in either of the proposal that are due by COB tomorrow? No. I have, however, done about 15 Facebook comments, countless tweets and several Amplify posts. Will I pay for an application that locks me out of the sites that distract me on a daily basis. Probably not, at least not yet. I would like to think I can self monitor myself. Having said that, I STILL need to post my 12 Step Social Networking Addiction blog. OK, clearly and very sadly, I need to purchase this Freedom productivity application. 😦

Amplify’d from macfreedom.com
Freedom is a simple productivity application that locks you away from the internet on Mac or Windows computers for up to eight hours at a time. Freedom frees you from distractions, allowing you time to write, analyze, code, or create. At the end of your offline period, Freedom allows you back on the internet. You can download Freedom immediately for 10 dollars through either PayPal or Google Checkout.


Freedom enforces freedom; you’ll need to reboot if you want to get back online while Freedom’s running. The hassle of rebooting means you’re less likely to cheat, and you’ll enjoy enhanced productivity. Freedom does one thing and it does it exceedingly well: It helps you get work done.Read more at macfreedom.com