Foursquare and Gogo have partnered, using the location based app to market to those of us who want to keep in touch while flying the friendly skies. I must admit, I’ve never heard of Gogo before I read about this partnership. I would imagine that is why they came up with the badge idea in the first place. So, once again, Foursquare is impacting my behavior and I’m off on a mission to get a badge I never even knew I wanted.

Seeing a new badge roll out, a “Mile High Badge” at that, (don’t judge me) sparked my interest and I needed to learn more. I went to the Gogo website to see what they were all about, which, after all, was what they were hoping for. Gogo is a paid Internet inflight wi-fi network, providing coverage on flights throughout the United States. Here’s how it works, once the aircraft reaches 10,000 feet and the flight attendants says it’s OK to can turn on your portable electronic devices, you log into Gogo and you can tweet, check-in on Foursquare, blog, post to Amplify or surf the web right from your smartphone.

Not only do I want the badge but I want to be able to tweet from 30,000 feet in the air. So, I’m off to find an airline tickets and signing up for Gogo. I wonder how many check-ins I have to do to get my badge? Meanwhile, Foursquare, we are going to have to seriously talk about more user incentives. I get why business want to partner with you and I appreciate the specials that pop up from time to time but we are going to have seriously talk about more user incentives. I mean, why would I keep checking in and going after these badges? At some point the “cool factor” is going to wear off. Already I’ve begun to enjoy checking into Yelp more than Foursquare. Oh, and Glue gives out real-live, physical badges… GIVES them out. I think I’m starting to move into stage five of my Foursquare addiction… it’s about time!

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Starting today, airplane passengers who check in to Foursquare via Gogo’s Inflight Internet service will be greeted with a nice surprise — the “Mile High Badge.”

The “Mile High Badge” is nothing more than a digital token you can use to celebrate your location-based conquest. But the Foursquare-Gogo team-up suggests that in the future, mobile phone checkins may have an important place in the sky too.

Gogo Inflight Internet is available in the United States on Air Canada, AirTran, Alaska, American, Delta, United, US Airways and Virgin America. A la carte, Gogo service costs around $10 per flight, depending on the airline and the destination. The provider also sells service by month, in six packs and as 24-hour passes.

As Wi-Fi in the sky becomes more ubiquitous, the competition to attract passengers who pay to surf will only grow for both Internet carriers and airlines alike. Gogo’s Foursquare “Mile High Badge” is a clever promotional vehicle that, if successful, will have flyers promoting their service across social media channels.