You’re a power user. You have a budget of $400.00. Do you upgrade to a new iPhone 4, do you get an HD flip (both without flash capability) or do you invest in one of the new digital cameras about to hit the market?

When I covered the Press Junket for the Essence Festival I had my iPhone, my Blackberry (it saved the day when I couldn’t post on my iPhone) and a digital camera in tow. It is a wonder I didn’t drop anything or leave one of them behind. If I was on a deserted island and could pick just one gadget it would be my iPhone. I like being able to post instantly… and with ease… to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Amplify, my blogs… on and on and on. So, unless these slick new gadgets are going to give me the ability to do a one step post (I’m not reading the instructions… I have no idea why… I’m just not) then I’m sticking with what I have. Just in case you are more apt to read how to use these new gadget, here are two cameras are rolling out this fall you may like. You be the judge.

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Smartphones with dual cameras such as Apple’s iPhone 4 and Sprint’s HTC EVO 4G are tremendously popular lately. But while these cellular handsets sport one lens that faces frontward and the other back, enabling mobile videoconferencing, they’re still in the minority, and most offer only middling photographic resolutions. Thankfully for entrepreneurs who need a new headshot, product images for press kits or a steady stream of pictures to fuel their social media strategy, digital cameras are also adding new perspectives. See Samsung’s new ST100 ($349.99) and ST600 ($329.99), both launching in September, which offer twin LCD displays that promise to greatly aid in capturing the perfect shot.

Both models offer 14.2 megapixel photographic resolutions, letting you capture images suitable for use on the web, in print or blown up to larger poster sizes for deployment at events and speaking engagements. Equipped with so-called DualView technology, while neither allows for voice or video calling, the pair does boast 1.8-inch front-facing LCD screens which make it simpler to frame shots as well. As a result, snapping pictures or taping 720p high-definition videos (especially self portraits, group shots or video blogs and diaries) should prove that much more effortless. Because you can see what’s happening and your position in the picture while either camera is actively trained upon you, it takes much of the guesswork out of playing shutterbug.

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