A magazine taking advantage of location-based social networking. I have to say this is genius. I can see an immediate link between an actual venue an geo-location sites… but a magazine? Hats off to their digital, marketing or whatever department came up with this partnership.

Amplify’d from www.mediaweek.com


New York magazine’s Web site nymag.com has linked up with Foursquare,
becoming the latest in a rash of traditional media companies to
hook up with the location-based social networking service.
Users of the service can “check in” when they visit local
businesses, alerting friends of their location while earning points
that can be redeemed for perks at the business. In recent months,
The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and Time Out New York
have partnered with Foursquare to distribute news and other
editorial content.
New York magazine is using Foursquare to grow the audience for its
popular restaurant, bargains and nightlife listings, data that
currently drive 10 percent of its Web traffic.
New York’s followers on Foursquare—which number 7,000—will have
access to tips from the magazine’s online database that includes
5,000 restaurants, 1,600 bars and 5,500 stores.Read more at www.mediaweek.com