I’m sure you’ve been reading a lot about the Oldspice social media campaign. Other than looking at that find hunk of a male specimen (and don’t tell me you did not notice how fine that brother is) was it a true social media campaign. Sure, they got lots of followers on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter and honestly, what brand doesn’t want that kind of exposure, but what does that mean if you can’t translate that into something tangible? Sometimes it IS just about brand recognition, which Oldspice did very well. Come on, when was the last time you even THOUGHT about Oldspice, let along blog about it? The question remains, however, will you purchase the product for anyone other than your grandfather? Things that make you go…. hmmmm

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Hello ladies! (this is only funny if you have seen the Oldspice commercials, otherwise this is a bit awkward for all of us…)

Over the past few weeks you may have seen that the Oldspice man has been responding to comments on youtube, facebook, and twitter by creating individual personalized messages for people essentially creating a type of collaborative relationship between the brand and the customer, but is the Oldspice campaign a social media campaign or a social CRM campaign?  It’s a bit hard to tell just by looking at the front end piece of what’s going on but based on what I have seen it looks like just a social media campaign.  Why?

It seems as though the goal of the Oldspice campaign was to build awareness and visibility,which it did quite well.  Since the personalized videos have launched Oldspice has garnered hundreds of thousands of facebook fans and tens of thousands of new twitter followers (and youtube subscribers).  However, as far as I can tell the campaign did not move beyond that first level of awareness.  I actually had a great chat with Brent Leary about this.  Brent and I agreed that a key difference between a social media and a Social CRM campaign is the deeper level of integration.  Social media is great for visibility and awareness but taking it further into actual influencing purchase decisions and driving a business result is where Social CRM comes into play.

So if the Oldspice commercial was a social media campaign, what would have been needed in order to consider it a Social CRM campaign?

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