Larry Freed, president of ForeSee Results, “our research shows that privacy concerns, frequent changes to the website and commercialization and advertising adversely affect the consumer experience”… uh… ya think. What is amazing is they can offer a bad customer experience and yet still attract MILLIONS of members.

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Facebook hated as much as airlines, cable companies

“Facebook is a phenomenal success, so we were not expecting to see it score so poorly with consumers,” said Larry Freed, president of ForeSee Results, which worked with the University of Michigan on the American Customer Satisfaction Index poll.

Facebook, the most visited site on the Internet, may also be the most despised: A new poll says the site scored 64 on a 100-point scale, which “puts Facebook in the bottom 5 percent” of private sector companies “and in the same range as airlines and cable companies, two perennially low-scoring industries with terrible customer satisfaction,” according to results of a survey released today.