I LOVE Apple products… really I do… but I can’t get over how arrogant Jobs is on the failure of the iPhone 4 to deliver on it’s promises… oh… wait… they never promised you’d get good reception on the phone now did they. Gotta go, calling AT&T and see if their arrogant butts will be willing to give me a better deal on an upgrade now!

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So, after days of rumor and speculation, there was no recall, no offer to paint on lacquer onto the antenna, and no hand out of gift certificates to iPhone 4 owners.

According to Steve Jobs: “There is no Antennagate.”

That’s right. Bottom line, according to Apple, the whole issue with the iPhone 4 antenna has been “blown so far out of proportion.”

Watch the press conference here.

So, what’s the upshot?

  • Apple suggests all users install the new iOS 4.0.1 update, that is supposed to fix the signal strength bars.
  • Free bumpers and cases. Apple can’t make enough bumpers, so will give iPhone 4 owners the chance to pick a third-party case.
  • Refunds to all who bought bumpers.
  • A reminder that users have 30 days to return the iPhone if they are unhappy with it.

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