1K a month is a little steep for my client but hey… if it works for some folks…

Amplify’d from techcrunch.com

Involver, a company that helps both brands and smaller businesses manage their presence on Facebook, Twitter, and other online portals, has launched a new dashboard they’re calling AMP. The dashboard allows brands to aggregate all of their inbound tweets, Facebook comments, and other messages on a single site, and it isn’t just for monitoring incoming content — you can also respond to messages directly from the page.

Involver was founded in 2007 and boasts some big brands as clients, including Warner Brothers, American Apparel, Facebook, and Alicia Keys. They’re also touting some big stats: in terms of clients, they have 80,000 brands/agencies and 200 million ‘Like’ relationships on Facebook (at least, their clients do). That includes plenty of dupes (people who have Liked more than one brand that uses Involver), and some of these brands are probably only using an app or two, but it’s definitely impressive. Involver has spent the last year and a half building out its suite of applications, like Signup Forms and a music player for Facebook, and the AMP dashboard is being offered in addition to those.

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