The Huffington Post… kicking butt and taking name but mostly… paying bloggers and understanding the value of paying us for our content. I think I’ll start following The Huffington Post on Twitter again 🙂

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Only five years after its launch, the Huffington Post is rivaling established news publications such as the New York Times in terms of popularity online, and it is on track to take over the world.

Co-founder and editor-in-chief Arianna Huffington says her publication’s path to glory has come along with its share of failures.

The biggest mistake of all, says Huffington, was confusing the public about the definition and role of the new media format — as known as blogging.

Watch Arianna discuss the difference between reporters and bloggers, why paying bloggers (once a controversial debate) is now acceptable (although HuffPo relies on contributions from many unpaid bloggers), and how public participation has changed over the last five years.