So, uh… should I be purchasing an HTC? First I fall in love with my Blackberry, then my iPhone. Question, how many darn smartphones does one Geek Diva need to stay relevant?

So last week in less than six weeks from its launch, Microsoft killed its two first phone models and the whole handset project known as Kin. And before we have had time to even digest and understand all the undertones of that bizarre end to a ‘strategy’ we now see another death in the smartphones space.


The CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt announced earlier this week that there won’t be another Nexus. No Nexus Two. So their first attempt at making a ‘superphone’ (that was a silly term for it) ended a superdud. And rather than try to learn and make it better (something Apple managed tremendously well where its original iPhone 2 was not being accepted internationally), Google decides to end its line of superphones. This is no doubt welcome news to all the 30 or so manufacturers who are committed to the Android platform, to see that Google is not going to compete with them. That initial launch of Nexus One with its ‘proprietary’ gains to the OS, seemed very unfair at the time. But as we ponder how poorly Google managed its smartphones on the Android platform, consider HTC here next.


HTC announces a monster Q2 quarter. Remember that RIM grew its sales by 6% from Q1, a very healthy growth rate (and in the previous quarter from Q4 to Q1, Nokia grew 3% and Apple was flat) – HTC is now so hot, it grew 36% from Q1 to Q2. They sold 4.5 million smartphones. I make it that about 30% of all Android phones sold globally today are made by HTC.Read more at