Do you have video content… then you should be getting paid!

Amplify’d from is sending out more checks to its content providers than ever. The New York-based independent web shows platform has increased the number of payouts to its content creators by 77% between Q1 to Q2 of this year, Co-founder Dina Kaplan told Mashable in a recent interview., which aims to be “the next-generation television network,” recently celebrated its five-year anniversary. It has seen substantial growth in the last year, attracting 96 million video views a month and increasing its payouts by 119% from Q4 2009 to Q2 of 2010 with a 50/50 split for content creators.

“We’re seeing more shows making more than $10,000 a quarter more than ever before,” Kaplan said.

So what’s next for Blip? Kaplan said the company is focusing on design and functionality of the site. “We’re ramping up to do a lot more, all around,” Kaplan said. Some of this includes figuring out how to get in front of more eyeballs and making people aware of the site through strategic marketing, she said.