Borders has found a way to stay relevant in the digital space and will be offering over 1.5 million titles!

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Borders launches e-book store

Taking on Amazon, Apple and Barnes & Noble

The book retailer needs to do something in digital as its physical sales fell 11.4 per cent during the first quarter. It has around 15 per cent of the US market.

But it’s a fiercely competitive space, with Barnes & Noble running a store to complement its Nook e-reader, and Amazon doing the same with Kindle. Then there’s iPad, with over 5m downloads since launch.

Borders won’t be launching a device to go with its store, preferring to focus on software for all platforms.

It says it has 38m e-mail addresses through which to promote the store, and that it will offer 1.5 million titles, including free books. That compares with 620,000 for Amazon and 1m at Barnes & Noble.