AT&T better thank their lucky stars they have the exclusive deal with iPhone because when the flood gate opens up the company will be blind sided by the amount of people exciting stage right to go to another carrier!

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“Is AT&T capping data uploads on Apple’s iPhone 4? Not on purpose,” John Paczkowski reports for AllThingsD.

“Turns out a software issue is responsible for reports of dramatic drops in data upload speeds in some regions of the country, including New York and Philadelphia,” Paczkowski reports. “AT&T tells me that a software defect in some of Alcatel-Lucent’s equipment has been crippling 3G HSUPA performance in the markets in which it’s been deployed.”

Paczkowski reports, “The good news is Alcatel-Lucent is working on a fix. The bad news is AT&T doesn’t yet have an ETA for its delivery.”

Full article, with AT&T’s official statement, here.