In an interesting twist, Rodale, the publisher of Men’s Health magazine, is reversing the trend from turning books into apps and is taking one of my favorite apps, Lose It! and turning it into a book.  Get it, taking an iPhone app… and turning it into a book.  That’s madness, madness I tell you!

According to Minonline.comMen’s Health announced late last week that it was acquiring the book publishing rights to the iPhone app, Lose It!.  It is one of my favorite apps because it allows you to track every calorie you consume and counter that with the calories you burned from your days exercise (assuming you did do some physical activity that day).  Then it calculates what your daily caloric intake should be for the day and let’s you know if you can have that extra cookie or if you need to skip your next meal altogether.  The best part is you get to see how much physical activity can really impact your daily calorie consumption and it makes me want to work out more so I can eat more.  I’m not one of those diet girls.  I like my food.  You can also invite friends to join you and share in the fun (she says with sarcasm dripping off her lips) to either keep you honest, share in your pain or encourage you on.  I have to admit I’m not doing very well with sharing my information, maybe because I’m also not doing very well watching my calories.  But that’s a whole other story, what’s news here is an app is going to be made into a book.   I sure hope it’s an eBook or I’m probably not going to read it!  Here’s the story: reports that The Lose It! calorie counter and dieting companion from publisher  FitNow has been the top free health app in the iTunes App Store for over a year, Rodale claims, and is used by more than 175,000 people a day. Rodale is purchasing North American rights to bring the title to book form. The book will be written by Charles Teague, co-founder and CEO of FitNow, along with New York Times science columnist Anahad O’Conner and will demonstrate that calorie control, activity and a support system are the keys to weight loss.

The app itself lets people track both their caloric intake and exercise, and the book will explore both dimensions of weight loss and research showing how important support systems are in the battle of the bulge.

In other news, in a press release issued by 7-Eleven, come Monday, the convenience store chain is launching a web-based reality show in partnership with portal TV giant.  The series,  being produced by, will allow the audience to follow along at their computers as two teams travel across the country surviving only on what they can find at… wait for it… 7-Eleven stores nationwide.  They will have challenges and gain points along the way and the first to cross the finish line at the Indy 500 wins.   Call me skeptical but why am I watching this?  Someone with a better mind for online viewing habits than I thinks it’s a great idea because they have distribution with AOL Video, iTunes, Yahoo and others.  The webisodes will stream on, and Tweets and Facebook posts will track the daily activities of the competing teams.  They also have some  heavy hitter sponsors with Miller Lite, Oscar Myers, and Nabisco, just to name a few.  On your mark, set, got get a slurpee from 7-Eleven and don’t come back until you have a purple straw!

Last but not least, there’s some Google news.  The technology powerhouse of a company that’s all about World Domination (my term… not a part of their marketing material),  recently revamped their website, where you can find out more about the people that make up the growing Google Ventures team as well as information on the 10 currently announced portfolio companies.  From investments teams to a handful of start-ups, Google Ventures in now unveiled.