I was up late one night on Yelp, the website where users leave reviews and recommendations of top restaurants, shopping, nightlife, entertainment, services and more.  I decided to leave a review of some of my favorite DC hotels, bike stations and places to have Sunday brunch.

I really hadn’t put much thought into my review.  By that I mean, I gave my honest opinion in my own little witty way, but I didn’t give much thought to who would review it.  Imagine my surprise when the owner of the restaurant I reviewed actually got in touch with me on Yelp and thanked me for my review and apologized for the poor service I received at the bar.

My hats off to the owner of Founding Farmers for recognizing how to connect with and communicate with customers using Social Media.  Oh, and if you ever need a table at Founding Farmers let me know, I have a good hookup there 🙂  You can follow my Yelp reviews at daniellericks.yelp.com