NCSAM_promoPresident Obama, who has championed cybersecurity since taking office,  proclaimed October “National Cyber Security Awareness Month”.  I LIVE on line and to be honest I’m “out there” for the entire world to see.  However, we all need to protect ourselves and make sure we are safe online.  Some quick tips:

  • Keep your password in a secure place

  • Change your password regularly and NEVER share it with anyone

  • Protect your computer and data with:

    • Anti-Virus Software
    • Firewall
    • Anti-Spyware Software
  • Protect yourself online by never revealing personal information or giving out your specific location while you are online

Watch President Obama’s video for more detailed information.

Let’s be careful out there people!

New video from President Obama on National Cyber Secuirty Awareness Month |

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