social-media-points5Many people are still trying to understand just what the heck Social Media is or how to use it for their own brand recognition. However, predictions are that “within 12 months, a full 82 percent of businesses will be using social media to promote their brand and the goods and services they offer consumers”, states Patricia Abbate of the Boston Small Business Examiner.  A report released today by Equation Research finds that two thirds of marketers are already using Social Media.  Small business will find themselves in a unique position to reach larger audiences and big business will be able to expand on their brand recognition using the many tools afford them via Social Media.  The amount of Social Media outlets are growing as a staggering pace and it is often difficult to keep up.  Social Media Specialist, such as myself, have live and play in the digital space as a way of staying on top of the trends.  Click the link below to learn more about the new report and how it could impact your business… big or small!

Social media will dominate small business marketing within a year

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